Our clients have a special relationship with the LevRidge consultant working with them.  We are regarded as a firm that can be depended upon for our smart, professional approach to solving organization challenges; tireless and solution oriented in problem solving; positive, energetic and enjoyable to work with!  

“LevRidge Resources was a partner to our organization when Apparo was going through the transition of its Development leadership – and we all know how challenging that can be. Kathy assigned Laurie Schwartz as our Interim Director of Development, a concept I had never before considered. What a difference that partnership has made for us. Laurie stepped in with top-of-the-game fundraising experiences, knowledge and thought leadership. She not only kept our efforts moving forward so that our fundraising did not falter, she upped our game. She provided us with a fundraising plan and fundraising calendar for our next 12 months, while she assessed our data collection and acknowledgement processes. And finally, she was the onboarding partner for our ultimately hired Director of Development and a counsel to me in the hiring process. Her gifts to us were so important that she remains a fundraising support for us even now. I cannot imagine not having LevRidge and Laurie as part of leadership team efforts, and will not do a senior level transition like this again, without their invaluable interim support.”

Kim Lanphear, Chief Executive Officer, Apparo, 2021

Our Clients Include: