Executive Transition Services / Interim Leadership

  • Executive Directors/ CEO’s
  • Development Directors
  • Operations, COO’s
  • Succession Planning

Nonprofit Sustainability Reviews

  • Objective, independent organization assessments   
  • Evaluations and Performance Metrics
  • Organizational, Business, Operations, Growth and Personnel Planning, Revenue strategies   
  • Nonprofit Start Ups
  • Annual business planning 

Board and Leadership Development 

  • Succession Planning
  • Executive retention    
  • Effective Boards
  • New Board Formation and Onboarding of New Board members
  • Board member and staff management racial equity practices and policies       

 Consulting, Training and Coaching 

  • Preparing for Organization Transitions (Executive transitions, Reorganizations, Funding challenges)
  • New Board Chairs Training
  • New Executive director Training  
  • Exploring new and viable nonprofit business restructuring: Expansion, Growth, Mergers, Downsizing,  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (offered in partnerships with experts in these fields)

“…thanks to Levridge, we have advanced and planned work that will enhance our service to this community”