Including Succession Planning

LevRidge Resources offers coaching, training and consulting for nonprofit staff and board leaders  to build critical thinking and leadership skill building. We offer public workshops several times a year and can customize our workshops and group discussions for your management teams and boards of directors.  

We believe every nonprofit  should have an emergency and succession plan in place, reviewed and revised regularly.  A succession plan serves as a roadmap for the transition, saves months when a leadership vacancy occurs and prepares staff, funders and board know what’s planned in the event of transition. We work with the organization to customize  a smooth transition, and be ready to operate,, communicate, and secure support when a leader leaves – whether planned or unplanned, short term or long term.

LevRidge Resources public Training Calendar for 2021 will include:

  • Group Coaching for New Executive Directors
  • Group Coaching for Executives Contemplating their Exit 
  • Training New Board Chairs on Board Governance, Board Engagement, Racial Equity in board policy and decision making
  • Nonprofit Business Effectiveness – Measuring what Matters Most