Our executive transitions consultants know from their own nonprofit executive experience, as well as LevRidge Resources’ process and ongoing training, how to combine their leadership with organizational development, as well as leadership coaching for the management staff and Board to ensure the new Executive and your organization are positioned for success. We understand leadership transition is a challenging and difficult period for the organization and we do more than bridge the past and future, we also advise Boards about strategic shifts that might now be needed by the communities and those you serve. 

Upcoming Events/Training

May 2021, Series of Three workshops begins Nonprofit Execs planning Career Transitions.
We are once again holding our series of workshops for Nonprofit Executives thinking about making a career transition. This program has been offered previously to executives contemplating their exit from their organization role in the next one to three years.


Why have an Interim?

Contracting with LevRidge Resources for an intentionally Interim Executive can be a deliberate succession planning decision and provide the Board the time they need to lead a search and select the exact right leader for the next stage of your organization. We’ll make sure the organization continues to move ahead with what’s planned and not ‘stall out’ due to a leadership transitions.  We’ll also advice the board about choices and decisions that might need to be made to ensure future success of the organization and the new Executive.  We want to leave the organization better than we found it and provide a knowledgeable, independent perspective to what can be done to best prepare for new leadership. 

We offer Interim Executive Directors, Development Directors, Operations Directors, and Program Managers. 

“I do think any non-profit going through a period of transition could benefit from having your organization perform the role of Interim and assessment. It was an outstanding experience for us and definitely exceeded our expectations.”

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