As part of our Interim engagements we always do an organization review.  We offer comprehensive or focused organization reviews as a separate service if your organization is struggling to raise money, recruit board members, distinguish your programs from other agencies and questioning your business model and personnel structure. We customize each Organization Sustainability Review based on what recent information you have already gathered, directions you’ve already set and are committed to and areas you are open to exploring that might include a different business model, including a merger or a programming strategic alliance.

Together, we work with Board officers to clearly define issues and strategic questions you’d like answered, and design our process and choose our consultant(s) based on what’s best for your organization.  We often analyze your need for changes to systems, policies, racial equity practices and culture and program profitability to guide you in setting priorities and taking specific actions. We offer board assessment surveys and development, ‘readiness for ‘what next?’ organizational preparedness interviews and focus groups, and best practice research for operations and business model improvements.   

“It was< awesome> watching you masterfully let us find our way to the only real path we had… It is always a pleasure working with a caring and extremely skillful professional.”

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